July 15, 2020

TruLocal, a new community-focused, e-commerce company that empowers local businesses and communities to thrive, announced today the launch of its digital marketplace that enables easy and convenient online transactions between locally-owned, brick and mortar retailers and local consumers. Tucson is one of three cities nationwide chosen for the company’s launch.

In addition to Tucson, TruLocal’s digital marketplace will be available in August this year in Fort Myers, FL and Indianapolis, IN. Several months ago, the company reached out to Tucson as part of its national search for locations in which to launch. They chose Tucson out of more than 300 cities across the country recognizing the synergy that exists here between the community and its local retailers. According to CEO and Co-founder Susan Hollingshead, TruLocal is designed to help rebuild local economies. “We provide the technology infrastructure, operational expertise, and marketing support that bridges local retailers and consumers so they can conduct e-commerce locally, versus seeing those valuable dollars leave their communities.”

“Our local retailers are a vital component of our economy and a critical part of what makes Tucson the unique city that it is,” said Mayor Regina Romero, City of Tucson. “We are working to support small businesses in any way we can, and this partnership with TruLocal is a great way to connect local consumers and businesses in a joint effort to rebuild and strengthen our economy.”

The City of Tucson Office of Economic Initiatives responded to the company’s site search by highlighting the unique characteristics of Tucson’s retail sector. “We have a robust collection of locally owned and independently operated retail stores throughout our city,” said Barbra Coffee, City of Tucson Director of Economic Initiatives. “We knew we had exactly what TruLocal was looking for in terms of a consumer base that is oriented around supporting its home-grown businesses.”

TruLocal’s solution provides local retailers with an entirely new marketing channel, robust digital capabilities, and a scalable process to connect with consumers within their communities. Through TruLocal’s marketplace, consumers can find what they want in local inventories, comparison shop conveniently, and choose to pick-up purchases or have them delivered on the same day.

“Partnering with TruLocal was a no-brainer for us,” said Shannon Riggs, co-owner of Tucson’s Pop Cycle, a store that sells local art made from recycled materials, re-used products, and refurbished goods.” “Setup
is easy and straightforward, and it’s critical for my business and any small retailer for that matter, to have firm footing in the e-commerce space, now more than ever.”