Small Business Support

Small Business Navigator Program

The City of Tucson Business Navigator Team is ready to assist you in achieving your business goals.  If you have questions about your business, please call the Small Business Assistance Line at 520-837-4100 or email  Availability from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Additionally, you can submit questions and comments any time using our Business Assistance Form here.

Recover, Grow, or Start a Business in Tucson

  • Learn how to do business in and with the City of Tucson
  • Access to Capital
  • Marketing, Operations, and Business Development
  • Industry-specific Training

Business Navigator Team

Narda Flores

Narda offers business support in English and Spanish.
Contact Narda for one-on-one support at:

Nicole Sanderson

Nicole offers business support in English, Spanish, and Arabic.
Contact Nicole for one-on-one support at:

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Gisselle Coronado

Gisselle offers business support in English and Spanish. Contact Gisselle for one-on-one support at:

Where can you meet with us?

We have offices at City Hall and at La Suprema Works & Event Space.

We can also meet you in your neighborhood or at your place of business as needed, by phone or via Microsoft Teams.

Upcoming Events

Small Business Loan Application Support Tucson

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Solicitar Prestamos Comerciales

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Grow With Google: Sell Online with E-Commerce Tools + Intro to Shopify

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Tucson Crece Con Google

Crece Con Google: Cómo vender en línea con herramientas de Google

Aprende cómo vender en línea con Google. Este taller explica cómo funciona el Buscador de Google y cómo puede mejorar la visibilidad de su negocio a través de la optimización de motores de búsqueda (SEO).

La sesión también presenta productos como Perfiles Empresariales de Google, Google Merchant Center, Google Trends, Search Console y una introducción a Shopify.

Fecha del evento: el 7 de dic, 2022
Passcode: CeBwwcN11&
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