City of Tucson Accepting Applications for Economic & Workforce Development and Special Events Grants

March 4, 2020

Applications due April 15 for FY21-22 funding round.

The City of Tucson Office of Economic Initiatives announces an open call to nonprofit organizations for the next round of funding in its Economic & Workforce Development and Special Events Grants Program. The City has been offering this program since 2012 to assist job training and educational programs aimed at skilling up the local workforce and creating access to better jobs for at-risk youth and adults. In addition, the City supports special events that drive the economy, help build community, and enhance quality of life. 

“Investing in workforce development that leverages local businesses and empowers Tucsonans with economic opportunity is one of Mayor and Council’s top priorities,” said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero. “These grants support existing programs and initiatives by local organizations to ensure that we have a qualified and skilled workforce to help us attract and retain industry.” 

According to City of Tucson Economic Initiatives Director Barbra Coffee, the grant program is a great way to support local nonprofits that are engaged in job training and small business education programs. “With these funds, organizations can do more in the way of addressing skills gaps to better our competitive advantage when it comes to growing and attracting high wage industries,” she said. Proposals can also be focused on small business support and development activities. 

Coffee said the grants for special events help the City grow key festivals and events that attract out-of-market visitors and showcase Tucson as a great place to live and work. 

“Tucson is better positioned to attract business and talent because it has always been focused on enriching quality of life through arts, culture, music, food and recreation,” Coffee said. “We want to support organizations in their efforts to expand their events to further our reach on a regional and national scale.” 

Grant applications are due no later than April 15 at 4 p.m. For more information, visit to download the Request for Proposals (RFP) for Economic & Workforce Development and Special Events

 About the City of Tucson Office of Economic Initiatives: 

The City of Tucson Office of Economic Initiatives coordinates the City’s economic development programs for the purpose of attracting jobs and investment to the City of Tucson. It also offers local small business and entrepreneurial assistance and encourages workforce development in order to foster a long term sustainable and diverse local economy. For more information or to contact the Office of Economic Initiatives, visit 

Barbra Coffee, CEcD, EDFP Date: 02/28/2020 
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