City of Tucson Launches Community Wireless Program to Help Lessen Digital Divide and Improve Remote Learning

December 9, 2020

Application Opens Today – December 9 

The City of Tucson is launching the Community Wireless Program to provide wireless access to members of the community and support remote learning, teleworking, and access to virtual services. Funded by the CARES Act, the program will distribute routers to eligible residents. The routers will provide wireless service to those approved through December 31, 2021.  

“When the pandemic forced schools to close, many families worried not only about the lack of equipment needed to support remote learning, but also access to internet service,” said Mayor Regina Romero. “Through this program, we hope to provide families free internet service so they can actively participate in remote learning and prevent our children from falling behind in school.” 

Tucsonans over the age of 18 who live in the coverage area and have experienced a financial hardship due to COVID-19 may apply. Priority will be given to households with (1) school-aged children or enrolled college students who are remote learning and require internet connectivity; (2) adults 60 years or older; or (3) members with a health condition that puts them at risk due to COVID-19. Residents with incomes below Pima County’s self-sufficiency standard and those who have not received any state of federal COVID-19 funds will also be prioritized.     

Tucsonans who need wireless access, live within the coverage area, and meet eligibility requirements may apply. Residents may also apply by phone. 

Application Period: December 9 – 21, 2020. One application per household. 

How to Apply: 


Call: 520-791-2608 

View complete list of FAQs. 


To learn more or request an interview with Mayor Regina Romero, please contact Communications Director Myriam Cruz at or 602-748-9838.