Attention, local business owners!

The City of Tucson has just added even more free value to local brick and mortar businesses through our successful partnership with Arizona-based Hownd!

Now, in addition to the city covering 100% of your cost for the fee that Hownd would otherwise charge our merchants to bring them more customers and revenue, we’ve extended the value of our Hownd partnership to also cover the cost of your use of their Guest WiFi service.

The Hownd Guest WiFi service allows you to provide your guests with free WiFi access while they’re at your business while keeping their access secure and separate from the WiFi network that you and your employees use. You’ll have the ability to control your guests’ WiFi access AND you’ll have access to all the names and email addresses of guests who sign on to use the Hownd WiFi service. This is very high-value actionable data you can use for future marketing to create customer loyalty and generate more revenue – including while they’re at your location.

And if you already have WiFi hardware, it’s likely that you won’t even need to change it because Hownd is able to overlay their WiFi software onto a variety of WiFi devices.

So, as part of the partnership, qualifying Tucson-based businesses are now eligible to receive two very compelling sets of benefits courtesy of the City of Tucson and Hownd:

  1. The City of Tucson will continue to cover 100% of Hownd’s “Pay for Performance” fee for each new and returning paying customer Hownd brings you when you activate promotional offers on their digital distribution channels.
  2. The City of Tucson and Hownd will also now cover 100% of the cost of up to three Guest WiFi access points for each qualifying business. Hownd will cover the full cost of your first access point and the City will cover the full cost of your second and third access points, if needed. That’s a potential savings of nearly $1,000/year for your business.

To learn more, see if you qualify, and request Hownd’s help to quickly get you up and running to generate more customers, more revenue, and monetize your consumer data, visit, or call
877-394-2410, or email

Check out the many Tucson merchants already running their promotional offers with Hownd.

About Hownd:

Hownd brings more customers, revenue, and data to brick & mortar retailers by making their promotional offers easy for nearby consumers to discover, claim, purchase and redeem. We do this by distributing your gift cards, buy nows, coupons, and value-add offers through an integrated set of digital channels, including pop-ups on your website, Hownd websites, email, social media, the MyHownd mobile app, Hownd Guest WiFi, and Hownd Screens (in-store digital signage). Hownd is zero-risk because there’s no sign-up fee, no monthly subscription, no hidden costs, and the City of Tucson has generously sponsored our Pay for Performance fee on your behalf. And Hownd does all the work for you so there’s no marketing or technology savvy needed on your part.

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