Pima County Tops in Attracting Talent

January 28, 2021

Pima County made the biggest gains in the country in attracting talent to the region, according to recent analysis from Emsi, an international labor market data company.

Their data crunchers regularly examine community trends in the competition for talent. This year, Emsi specifically analyzed how existing trends in remote work brought on by the pandemic have affected the ability to attract talent to the region.

By using data on population and migration, growth of jobs and skilled workers, regional competitiveness, and education attainment, the company created an index that ranked large (100,000+ population), small (5,000-99,999), and micro counties (less than 5,000). 

Among those large counties, Pima County made the biggest gains in talent attraction, jumping from 546 to 91. That jump of 455 spots comes on the heels of a steady rise since 2016, culminating in Pima County’s leap last year when it climbed 269 spots.

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