Southern Arizona Coalition for Climate Adaptation and Resilience

About Us

In December of 2021, a group of collaborating organizations had the opportunity to come together in a more intentional way.  They formed the Southern Arizona Coalition for Climate Adaptation and Resilience and together, applied for the Economic Development Administration’s Build Back Better Regional Challenge.  The group received an award to continue development of their projects and to continue building the Coalition.

Climate change is too big for any one organization or community to tackle, so we come together to innovate, build bridges, expand opportunities, and spur development in inclusive ways.  SACCAR represents a diverse set of perspectives, experiences, and geographies.  Our members are entrepreneurial, rural, academic, government, equity focused, and infrastructural. 

If our communities are going to thrive, our commitment must be to go beyond business as usual and challenge ourselves and our partners to do things differently.


SACCAR builds resilience in the face of climate change by leveraging the skills of a diverse group of Southern Arizona stakeholders.  We work on sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and water resource management to help build a more resilient economy. 


We envision a future where both our community and economy have the skills and resources needed to meet the challenges of climate change. 


Community – Collaboration – Equity – Innovation – Leadership

SACCAR Members

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