Startup Tucson

SUSTAIN: Jumpstarting Food and Agricultural Entrepreneurship

Startup Tucson and the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI)’s SUSTAIN: Jumpstarting Food and Agricultural Entrepreneurship project seeks to fill immediate gaps within our region that prevent food, agriculture, and sustainability entrepreneurs throughout the region from meeting their full potential and often limit entrepreneurs’ ability to make it past their initial launch. With an emphasis on accessible programming throughout Southern Arizona and an intentional focus on serving previously underrepresented founders, SUSTAIN will catapult the number of new and diverse businesses in our region.

SUSTAIN is specifically designed to support a diverse pipeline of entrepreneurs and will be the first large-scale component of Southern Arizona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem that physically serves both community-based entrepreneurs and scalable science/technology startups. Built to solve for the specific regional needs and gaps, SUSTAIN will support entrepreneurs from idea through to launch with the goal of helping them transition to market growth.

Two Primary Components 

  • Industry-specific, hybrid and multi-lingual programming, mentorship and partner support
  • Accessible, just-in-time, customized test and production space

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