New Business Checklist

Launching your business and getting in compliance with laws can be an overwhelming process. Just answer these questions and we will generate an easy list of resources to simplify the process and get you open for business.

Enter the address of your business.

Note: this can not be a post office box.

Determine If Your Business Is Within City Limits.
Will your business be located in your home?
Does/Will your business serve food?
Does/Will your business sell or serve alcohol?
Will your business be manufacturing goods?

Manufacturing includes any process that uses machinery to produce goods from raw materials (i.e. bicycles, soap, electronics)

Will you need to make improvements or construction for your business?
Will you need a sign to advertise your business?

The City of Tucson retains a Sign Code to safeguard property values, character and beauty of the city. If you wish to advertise your business, you may need to
apply for a permit.

Will you manufacture, use or store hazardous materials?

You may need to apply for additional permits if your business plans to manufacture, use or store hazardous materials, including fireworks.

Does your business involve automobiles (such as transport)?

You may need to apply for additional permits if your business involves transporting people or products for a fee or allowing other people to use your vehicle
on a fee-for-hire basis.

Will you have one or more employees other than yourself?