Visual Improvement Program Application

Through the program, the City will provide technical and financial assistance to property owners or business tenants seeking to renovate or restore exterior facades, signage, and lighting for commercial buildings. The purpose of the VIP program is to encourage investment in, and revitalization of, key commercial areas and corridors through incentives and infrastructure improvements. The program is designed to impact properties in need of revitalization and strives to increase sales and/or revenue for the property owner or tenant.

Property Information

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(e.g. office, retail, multi-family, vacant)
  • Residential
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Other Commercial
  • Vacant

Property Owner

Applicant Information

Property Owner Authorization required if Applicant is a tenant and not the owner of the subject property

Check here if the applicant is the same as the owner.

Detailed Description of the Project

Along with a detailed description of the proposed improvements and uses, please include an explanation of why this project would not be possible but for the matching grant funds provided through the VIP.


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Visual Improvement Program Application