Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp

Rural Broadband

To adapt our systems to the demands of climate change, we will need to bring new efficiencies to how we produce food. Much of this will involve advanced and networked technologies to help producers manage their inputs.  Rural communities, and their residents and businesses, need strong internet connections to make this work happen.  In this case, Yuma is working to increase broadband service to our remote agriculture and tribal communities which will help enable more innovation, introduce the use of AI and improve our use of valuable natural resources, getting us to our goal of truly ubiquitous broadband access. 

Some applications of broadband include:

-Close monitoring of water use via drones and fixed sensors resulting in increased agricultural precision 

-Connectivity for autonomous machinery and robots

-Enhanced access for unincorporated and tribal residents: telemedicine, education, and telecommunications

-Opportunities for research and development combined with business startups supported by the activities of other SACCAR members

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